Roni Ben-Hur © Sergio Cabanillas, 2007

Roni Ben-Hur
© Sergio Cabanillas, 2007

You know, there’s a lot of people who are deeply affected by the music, and they want to give something back, and they look for ways to do it, and then they look at the Jazz industry and it’s very discouraging. I think a lot of them go about it in the wrong way of saying “well, let’s find a label to put the CD out first”, “let’s find a venue to promote the CD first”, and I think they’ll get more done if they would just say “let’s make the CD”. It’s important that this people who really love the music and want to do something about the music say: “let’s just do it!”, so it gets created, like a painter: “I don’t know where I’m going to put it, I don’t know what museum is going to carry it”, but, please, paint it. Same thing with musicians and then things will fall into place.

Leer Roni Ben-Hur: Expanding the tradition, by Sergio Cabanillas and Arturo Mora (publicado originalmente en marzo de 2007)