Barry Guy talks with Pachi Tapiz about his new recording The Blue Shroud (Intakt) by his new group The Blue Shroud Band. And after his voice, the music of this recording in a special HDO Edit.

Text: © Pachi Tapiz, 2016
Photography: © Sera Martín, 2016

HDO is a podcast presented, edited and produced by Pachi Tapiz.

Barry Guy - Blue Shroud Band_The Blue Shroud_Intakt_2016What’s in HDO #119?: “Prelude”, Barry Guy’s Interview by Pachi Tapiz, “Song 1” (HDO Edit), “Song 3” (HDO Edit), “Bull / Mother and Child / Warrior” (HDO Edit), “H. I. F. Biber, ‘The carrying of the cross’ Mystery Sonata IX” (HDO Edit), “A blinded bird of hope. Song 4” (HDO Edit), “Bird” (HDO Edit), “H. I. F. Biber, Aria from ‘Crucifixion’ Mystery Sonata X, Song 7” (HDO Edit), “Light Bearer” (HDO Edit), “Fugitive” (HDO Edit), “J. S. Bach ‘Agnus Dei’ from the b minor mass”

Barry Guy Blue Shroud Band: The Blue Shroud (Intakt, 2016)
Blue Shroud Band: Barry Guy, Savina Yannatou, Ben Dwyer, Agustí Fernández, Maya Homburger, Fanny Paccoud, Percy Pursglove, Torben Snekkestad, Michael Niesemann, Per Texas Johansson, Julius Gabriel, Michel Godard, Lucas Niggli, Ramón López