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Ingrid Laubrock will play in Spain. Her Anti-House 4 (Laubrock herself, Mary Halvorson, Kris Davis, Tom Rainey) will play at Jamboree (Barcelona), Bogui Jazz (Jazz Con Sabor a Club – Festival Internacional de Jazz de Madrid), and Campus Jazz Festival in Cádiz. Pachi Tapiz interviews her in the HDO Tomajazz podcast. In this special release sounds her voice and four of her last recordings: Strong Place (Intakt, 2012) and Roulette of the Cradle (Intakt, 2015) by Ingrid Laubrock – Antihouse; Serpentines (Intakt, 2016) her next-to-come release; and Zürich Concert (Intakt, 2015) by Ingrid Laubrock Octet.

Text: © Pachi Tapiz, 2016
Photography: © Joan Cortès, 2016

Pachi Tapiz presents, produces and edits HDO podcast at Tomajazz:

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  • Ingrid Laubrock Anti-House: Strong Place (Intakt, 2012)
    Ingrid Laubrock, Mary Halvorson, Kris Davis, Tom Rainey
  • Ingrid Laubrock Anti-House: Roulette of the Cradle (Intakt, 2015)
    Ingrid Laubrock, Mary Halvorson, Kris Davis, John Hébert, Tom Rainey, Oscar Noriega
  • Ingrid Laubrock: Serpentines (Intakt, 2016)
    Ingrid Laubrock, Peter Evans, Miya Masaoka, Craig Taborn, Sam Pluta, Dan Peck, Tyshawn Sorey
  • Ingrid Laubrock Octet: Zürich Concert (Intakt, 2015)
    Ingrid Laubrock Saxophone, Mary Halvorson ,Tom Arthurs ,Ted Reichman ,Liam Noble ,Ben Davis ,Drew Gress ,Tom Rainey