Ginger Baker In Memoriam

But I hate the Stones and always have done. Mick Jagger is a musical moron. True, he is an economic genius. Most of ’em are fucking morons. Phil Seamen told me: ‘These pop musicians wouldn’t know a hatchet from a crotchet.’ Paul McCartney boasts he can’t read music! How canContinúa leyendo

INSTANTZZ: Ginger Baker’s Jazz Confusion (34è Festival Jazz Terrassa. 2015-03-05) 2

34è Festival Jazz Terrassa Fecha: Jueves, 05 de marzo de 2015 Lugar: Nova Jazz Cava (Terrassa) Componentes: Ginger Baker’s Jazz Confusion Ginger Baker, batería Pee Wee Ellis, saxo tenor Alec Dankworth, contrabajo Abas Dadoo, percusión   © Joan Cortès, 2015-03-24Continúa leyendo