Sonny Fortune In Memoriam 2

  George Voudiklaris: Being one of the people who had played with Coltrane and Miles. Could you tell us how different was it ? Sonny Fortune: I love Miles but Coltrane really changes my life. He was such a special person, a great musician, an innovator. The music that heContinúa leyendo

Jerry González In Memoriam 4

-¿Qué es el jazz? -Mi vida. Lo vivo, ando con ella, duermo con ella, amo con ella, como con ella. Mi trompeta es mi mujer. -¿A qué renunciaría por ella? -Por más jazz. Entrevista a Jerry González en El Periódico de Extremadura (la entrevista completa se puede leer aquí) JerryContinúa leyendo

Geri Allen In Memoriam 6

Marc Myers – Jazz Wax: Did you make a conscious decision to become an avant-garde pianist? Geri Allen: I’ve always felt that having my freedom in music was important. That’s a part of my upbringing. I need to feel I can be versatile, to have the ability to move backContinúa leyendo