Pat Martino In Memoriam

Pat Martino In Memoriam


Pat Martino In Memoriam 1


BLVR: What do you think jazz’s place in American culture is today?

PM: The only thing I can be definitive with is an example. Take the students of jazz in our conservatories and universities. They’re studying harmony and theory, which is not jazz, that’s music. Number two, they’re studying and transcribing artists of the past—past cultures, or stages of our culture, and that is not the reality of today. So it [jazz] is not alive the way it used to be. And they’re studying something that is encaged, and they’re analyzing it to participate in something that no longer exists.

Pat Martino (1944-2021)

Entrevista a Charlie Watts realizada por Greg Buium para The Believer:

Fotografía tomada por Joan Cortès en Jamboree, Barcelona, el 15 de mayo de 2013.

Texto: © Greg Buium, The Believer
Fotografía: © Joan Cortès, 2013

Joan Cortès en Tomajazz

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