Badal Roy In Memoriam

  What musical wishes do you have for the future? I want to put together a band of 4-5 musicians that features a sarangi player. Sarangi (Indian bowed instrument) is to me a most spiritual instrument. It gives me more goose bumps than any other. I also want to goContinúa leyendo

Lucian Ban ‘Enesco Re-Imagined’ (44 Voll-Damm Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona, L'Auditori, 13-XI-2012) 1

44 Voll-Damm Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona Fecha: 13 de noviembre de 2012. Lugar: L’Auditori – Sala 3 Tete Montoliu (Barcelona). Componentes: Ralph Alessi: trompeta Tony Malaby: saxos tenor y soprano Mat Maneri: viola Albrecht Maurer: violín Gerald Cleaver: batería Badal Roy: tabla y percusión Mark Helias: contrabajo Lucian Ban: pianoContinúa leyendo