Algunos títulos de temas aparecidos en discos de Henry Threadgill:

“Burnt Til Recognition”

“Great Body of the Riddle or Where Were the Dodge Boys When My Clay Started To Slide”

“The Devil Is On The Loose And Dancin’ With A Monkey”
“Don’t Drink That Corner My Life Is In The Bush”
“Keep Right On Playing Through the Mirror Over the Water”
“Spotted Dick Is Pudding”
“Let Me Look Down Your Throat Or Say Ah”
“Between Orchids Lillies Blind Eyes And Cricket”
“Jenkins Boy Again, Wish Somebody Die, It’s Hot”
“Tragedy On A Thursday Afternoon”
“Drivin’ You Slow And Crazy”
Selección por Pachi Tapiz.

Ilustración: © Jorge López de Guereñu, 2010