John Zorn: "This track is a freak" 1

John Zorn: “This track is a freak”


This track is a freak. In April of 1987 I got a call from a representative of the McCann Erikson Advertising Agency who was putting a new presentation for Camel cigarettes in South East Asia. They were looking for a new approach in arranging the Camel theme song “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly”, which they’d been using for years, and had already commissiones a reggae band, a jazz group and a classical string quartet. God knows what they thought I would come up with, but needless to say, after I delivered my track I never heard from them again. That’s show biz! I still wonder which one they picked…

John Zorn en las liner notes de Filmworks 1986-1990 (Elektra Nonesuch)

“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” (Ennio Morricone)
Robert Quine (guitarra), Bill Frisell (guitarra), Fred Frith (bajo), Wayne Horvitz (Órgano Hammond), David Weinstein (teclados), Carol Emanuel (arpa), Robert Previte (batería , percusión y voz), John Zorn (arreglos y producción)
Grabado en abril de 1987 en Radio City Studios, New York City.

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