Gary Peacock In Memoriam 1

Gary Peacock In Memoriam

Gary Peacock In Memoriam 2

You’ve talked about approaching each playing experience as if you were a beginner. What do you mean by that?

You’re always at the beginning. That’s an attitude that can be understood intellectually. It’s an attitude that can be conceptualized. If it becomes real, then it does change things. If you’ve come close to death a few times or what you thought was death, you’ve realized there’s no guarantee that you’re going to be alive in the next instant. So my approach to playing is the realization that there are no guarantees anywhere. So where do I want to be, what kind of state to do I want to be in when I’m playing? It helped me to be really focused in a profound way and be really present.

Gary Peacock (1935-2020)

Entrevista publicada en realizada por philipb1961

Fotografía tomada en el 18è Jazz Terrassa Festival, el día 09 de marzo de 1999, en una actuación a trío con con Paul Bley y Paul Motian. © .Joan Cortès, 2020

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