Fases Fases
Fast 'n' Bulbous: The Captain Beefheart Project - Pork Chop Blue Around The Rind
Enrico Fazio Septet Zapping! ( a recicling project)
Fela - The Underground Spiritual Game
Agustí Fernández 4uartet - Lonely Woman (Homenatge a Ornette Coleman)
Agustí Fernández - Camallera
Agustí Fernández - Marilyn Crispell Dark Night, and Luminous
Agustí Fernández - Evan Parker Tempranillo
Agustí Fernández & Mats Gustafsson - Critical Mass
Fes (Flat Earth Society) – Isms
Fieldwork - Simulated Progress
Fieldwork - Your Life Flashes (discografía Pi Recordings)
Fieldwork Your Life Flashes
firehouse - live at glenn miller café
FJF Blow Horn
Fly - Fly
The Flying Luttenbachers Live At WNUR 2-6-92 Destructo Noise Explosion
Joe Fonda From The Source - What We're Hearing
Michael Formanek Am I Bothering You?
49º Nord - Tentacles
Llibert Fortuny Elèctric Quintet - Revolts
Llibert Fortuny Quartet - Un Circ Sense Leons
Free Base - The Ins And Outs
Free Fall - Furnace
FME - Undeground
Paolo Fresu - Scores!
Paolo Fresu Angel - Wanderlust
Erik Friedlander - Quake
Bengt Frippe Nordström The Environmental Control Office
Bill Frisell - East / West
Bill Frisell: Have A Little Faith (Especial “25 discos de Jazz: una guía esencial”)
Bill Frisell - Richter 858
Bill Frisell - Unspeakable
Fred Frith Ayaya Moses
Satoko Fujii Quartet - Zephyros
Satoko Fujii/Tatsuya Yoshida - Toh-Kichi