Abe Rabade Simetrias
Michael Jefry Stevens & Michael Rabinowitz - Play
Hugh Ragin – Revelation
Andrew Rathbun & George Colligan - Renderings
Enrico Rava - Montral Diary/A: Plays Miles Davis
Enrico Rava - Easy Living
Enrico Rava - Stefano Bollani - Montreal Diary B
Enrico Rava - Full of Life
Enrico Rava - Tati
Vernon Reid & Masque - Known Unknown
Django Reinhardt: The Quintessential Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli (Especial “25 discos de Jazz: una guía esencial”)
Antonio Serrano & José Reinoso - El Corazón Al Sur
José Reinoso y Repique
South American Jazz
Dave Rempis Quartet - Out Of Season
Return Of The New Thing Traque
Revolutionary Ensemble - The Psyche
Marc Ribot - Scelsi Morning
Michael Riessler – Ahí Vita
Christopher O'Riley - Hold Me To This: Christopher O'riley Plays Radiohead
Sam Rivers - Purple Violets
Sam Rivers - Crystals
Sam Rivers - Alexander von Schlippenbach
Max Roach: We Insist! Freedom Now Suite (Especial “25 discos de Jazz: una guía esencial”)
Max Roach - We INSIST! Freedom Now Suite
Max Roach & Abdullah Ibrahim - Streams of Consciousness
Miniature - Baron, Berne, Roberts - I Can't Put My Finger On It
Herb Robertson NY Downtown All Stars - Elaboration
Steve Swell - Perry Robinson - Invisible Cities
Enzo Rocco Tuba Trio -Revenge
Rodrigues-Uebele-Rodrigue-Oliveira - contre-plongée
Ernesto Rodrigues / Alfredo Costa Monteiro / Guilherme Rodrigues - Cesura
Ernesto Rodrigues-Guilherme Rodrigues-Manuel Mota-Jose Oliveira - Assemblage
Ernesto Rodrigues - José Oliveira - Marco Franco 23 Exposures
Ernesto Rodrigues - Guilherme Rodrigues - Gabriel Paiuk - José Oliveira
Live Maria Roggen & Lars Andreas Haug - [tu'ba]
Sonny Rollins: Saxophone Colossus (Especial “25 discos de Jazz: una guía esencial”)
Sonny Rollins - Without a Song (the 9/11 Concert)
Neil B. Rolnick's - Fish loved that
Aldo Romano Canzoni
Romano, Sclavis, Texier & Le Querrec - Carnet des Routes
Romano, Sclavis, Texier & Le Querrec - Carnet des Routes. Suite Africaine
Wallace Roney - Prototype
Stochelo Rosenberg - Ready N'Able
Gonzalo Rubalcaba & New Cuban Quartet - Paseo
Angel Rubio Jazz Jondo
Olaf Rupp / Tony Buck / Joe Williamson - Weird Weapons
George Russell: Jazz Workshop (Especial “25 discos de Jazz: una guía esencial”)
Pee Wee Russell - Ask Me Now!
Paul Rutherford - Iskra3
Paul Rutherford - Neuph